Functionality - Doubt

Hello, first excuse, my questions will appear beginner thing, and really I am. I recently started with xibo, first out of curiosity and now out of necessity, I installed xibo on debian 9, and I need to understand if it can be used as an information resource, example: if I need to leave a warning board, such as change of room or teacher, biology class went to room 6 or professor so he went to room 8, this in real time, is it possible for the xibo to perform this function? If yes, where should I go ??

Obs: I used google translator, because my English is horrible and there is no support in pt-br of xibo.

Yes, you should be able to achieve that, preferably in 1.8 series CMS/players to use the XMR to notify displays regardless of the collection interval.

You’d probably want to use dataSets with Ticker to show the data from it for the warnings themselves you could either change the dataSet data for that specific room or you could have a layout with notification widget (scheduled with priority or with priority and as an overlay layout) on it that would show the notification about the change on the specific display.

I understand, I’ll be checking out xmr and studying how to install, do the tests and anything I come back to. ahh And my current version is 1.8.9, thank you Peter.