FullCalendar Embed Displays in Preview, Not in Client

Hey There! I’m gonna try and ve really verbose about what’s going on, but let me know if you need more info!

So, I have been dealing with this problem for a couple hours now, and I figured it was about time to ask the community for help. I am completely stumped.

I have a layout in which I am using the “Embedded” module to display a FullCalendar (fullcalendar.io). When doing this from the CMS, everything appears fine. Not only does the layout appear perfectly in the Design page, but when previewed, also works fine.

EX1: i.imgur.com / wkOXDRC.png
EX2: i.imgur.com / 10GkxLw.png

However, whenever I try to show this layout in the Windows Client, the calendar just will NOT display. It is as if the region simply does not exist.

EX1: http://i.imgur.com/eiGFlnU.png

Interestingly enough, I have tried the preview in both Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge, and while IE 11 displays everything fine, Edge displays no calendar in the preview. I have forced the client to use IE 11 through the registry edit, but still see the same behavior. In addition, I am using the “Use CEF as the Web Browser” option, so theoretically this should not be an issue.

I have tried to debug this for so long, up to installing a Windows XP virtual machine to see if it had to due with me being on Windows 10. Same issue. I really can’t figure out what is wrong. Perhaps a HTTPS issue? Perhaps some weird rendering problem. Any help would be really appreciated. I have included an export of my layout below, I just don’t know how much it’ll help considering FullCalendar has dependencies on my personal web server. Idk man.

Layout Export: dylansallee.com/files/export_passing-period.zip

Additional Information for Debugging:

OS: Windows 10, Tested on XP
Browsers Installed: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 10
Xibo Client Version: 1.7.4
Xibo CMS Version: 1.7.4
Frustrated: Extremely

Sorry about the top links, I am a new user so I can’t post more than two or upload images.

Here they are for easy clickability:

EX1: i.imgur.com/wkOXDRC.png
EX2: i.imgur.com/10GkxLw.png

It looks to me that you have overlapping regions on the layout. If this is the case, that would be the problem. Currently overlapping regions are not supported. (At least for the Windows Client. They do seem to work within the Android client).

I would suggest reconfiguring the layout without overlapping regions.

Just reconfigured without overlapping layouts, same behavior.

What happens if you remove all except the Calendar from the layout?

Just tested, same behavior, calendar still does not render.

Sorry! I don’t know what the problem could be.

No worries on knowing what the problem is. That is why you are here.

Do you have logging turned on? If not, please do so. Then run the Verify All under Modules in the CMS. Afterwards, please close the Xibo client, then reopen. After that please wait for the layout to update from the CMS and see if the layout with just the Calendar displays. If you still do not see anything, please check the log for anything that might be related.

Still do not see anything.

I was loooking through the logs, and I really can’t find much. The only applicable thing is:

3388 15-09-12 06:47:09 Dylan_Desktop_Testing Client [ScheduleAgentThread] ScheduleAgent - Run WebException in Run: The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server.

I’m thinking that there is maybe a conflict in the jQuery that Xibo uses to function and the jQuery that FullCalendar uses?

GOT IT TO WORK. Will document below for future users.

I came to the conclusion that because this plugin and Xibo both use different forms of jQuery, they were conflicting. Chrome and Firefox are intelligent enough to sort this out, but IE and the Xibo client evidently are not. Regardless, in order to get around this, I ended up moving my plugin to a html file on my web server, and then just referencing the html page with Xibo’s Webpage module. (iFrame would work here too.) Not the best way of doing it, but after messing with it for 2 days, it’s good enough for me.

I didn’t see that one coming.

I didn’t either xD I don’t know if my hypothesis is correct, but hey, it works! And in IT, sometimes that’s the only thing that matters. Still might be worth looking into at some point though.

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