Full Preview including Layouts and Overlays

I’m looking for a solution to view ALL the layouts, including Overlays, in the preview webpage.

In fact it’s like a remote control of the player without remote control applications, just to be able to view the final result


I’m afraid you will need to elaborate a little about your requirement please.

You can preview layouts and campaigns in CMS, what seems to be missing?

Hi Peter

Thanks for your quick answer

In layouts you can view them one by one, In campaigns you can view them side by side. In my case one layout and one overlay layout

i’m looking on the FULL “global” layout who is a merge of all the layouts and overlays scheduled on the displays

A kind of “Virtual” display in fact. so a third one after “Windows” and “Android”

For myself to check the result of the layouts / overlays without the need to “remotely” check the displays

But also for the idea to share the link of the preview to traveling employees who can then have access to the displayed information through their favorite browsers


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