Full management of the player

Is that a “module” already available to take full control of the android device,
like to be able to manage:

  • Scheduling time for " ON / OFF"
  • Sound volume and/or Mute
  • Reboot, etc…

Thanks for info

Whether or not you can do some of those things depends on the particular Android device.

Schedule ON relies on the device having some kind of real time clock built in. Alot of the cheaper devices don’t have that. The DSCJ18 and DSJ19 devices in our recommended list do have scheduled power on and off functionality built in.

Sound mute can be achieved with your video configuration in the CMS. It’s an option on the video media items.

Reboot can be triggered from the CMS on a device assuming we have root privileges.

If you want remote control of the device, then Xibo does not offer that functionality. Something like TeamViewer can provide that control for you.

Thanks for reply… another question , but i dont no where to put this post !!!

when one video ( embedded html) is loading, ( we did your autostart trick work great ) is that a way to change the grey screen with the loader by one custom loader ?

You need to add a poster image to your HTML5 video tag.

Hello Alex, thanks for the reply…
could you precise this ?!
Is that also possible to change the animated gif
( now is a grey screen with a rolling circle) !!!


Hello Alex .

We want using the Xibo platform to render ads from our network in android screens. The target is to have a white CMS and White android players licenses….

We use the “Webpage” option in timeline to set a url from our network . This url render a javascript code which loads the ads from server and render the same. This js will refresh the ad periodically
We have already add the js to make the autoplay working ( fine)….

One example of our url is:

Now the challenge here is to validate the Xibo apk where js from our url is running.
Is there any mechanism using which javascript from our url can invoke some service provided by the Xibo APK to get the serial number so that validate it against the serial number at our end?

Or if you have any better suggestion for this validation, you can update the same

We encounter also issue with our android player ( we do use Last version and XIBO on cloud)( demo version …… before to buy !!)
The device is rebooting often and we get some error message from the cloud

303	2017-04-26 21:33	Can't get Public Key.
300	2017-04-26 21:33	Key Pair generation failure
297	2017-04-26 21:26	Unable to open message: class java.security.InvalidKeyException/Need RSA private or public key
135	2017-04-26 17:02	Unable to open message: class javax.crypto.BadPaddingException/error:0407106B:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2:block type is not 02

Any info or help will be highly appreciated, even if it would be something to pay for….

I see you’ve sent us an email - we can discuss further on there.

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