From Trial version to non trial version

Dear all,

I am actually running a trial version for a customer of can can be done with sample layout thta I have design with different data customer would like to get.

Once the trial out expired, how can I save my actuall work on the trial in order it is not lost when customer decide to go to production version ?

Can I save or export all what I have done in my trail version and import it back under customer production account later on ?
What is the process ?


I presume here your trial is with Spring Signage.

If so, they’ll keep your account, disabled, for 1 month after the trial expires. At any time in that month, you can pay for the account and it will be reactivated with all your content intact.

If you would prefer to keep it locally instead/as well, you can export any layouts you’ve created from the Layouts page in the CMS. That will give you a zip file you can later upload in to a different CMS to restore the layout: