Forecast IO display problem

Hi all,
I have a problem with the Forecast IO. The error is: Client [UI Thread] WebMedia Unknown exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Sometimes the Forecast IO isn’t displayed right away in its region when the client starts; sometimes it disappears after the first run of the ‘total’ presentation (after the longest duration is passed and the layout is refreshed).

The ‘code’ I use to display the Forecast is
`< br >
< div class=“container” >
< div class=“icon” >< i class=“font-icon wi [wicon]”>< /i> [temperatureFloor]< i class=“wi wi-degrees”>< /i>< /div>
< div class=“desc”>[summary]< /div>

< /div>`

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Roel,

Apologies for the delay, it seems we’ve missed your post.

Could you please tell me what CMS / client versions do you use?
Is the problem occurring only with forecast item on your layout?
Are there any other errors on status window?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.
The problem occured only with the forecast item.
Xibo server is 1.7.2, client (windows) is latest version. I can’t find any other errors and most weird: the problem didn’t occur any more. Only after the fresh install of the player-computer it occured several times…

Consider this question closed, if I run into it again, I’ll make a new support-request.

hm that’s a bit odd, in any case, if I can recommend something, I’d recommend CMS upgrade to 1.7.6 version

For now, I’ll close this topic