Forecast IO 5 day layout language BUG? (+ understanding duration)

You are very welcome :smiley: it is good to have it solved so thank you for debugging with us, I am sure others will also find it useful!


Although Turkish language is added in forecast ıo’s supported language when I selected it, strings is Turkish in current day,picture and daily but day names can’t be translated.

Day names come from having Internationalisation turned on. Please see the CMS Post Installation guide which covers that.

Hi Alex,

I read this topic.Default Language = tr, Timezone= Istanbul, Detect Language= ok, Show international dates? = ok. But days names can not be translated.


This is what it runs over the date returned from forecast:

// Do we have the international date formatter?
if ($allowInternational && Config::GetSetting('USE_INTL_DATEFORMAT') == 1 && Config::CheckIntlDateFormat()) {
      $formatter = new IntlDateFormatter(Config::GetSetting('DEFAULT_LANGUAGE'), IntlDateFormatter::FULL, IntlDateFormatter::FULL, Config::GetSetting('DEFAULT_TIMEZONE'), IntlDateFormatter::GREGORIAN, $format);
      return $formatter->format($timestamp);
} else {
   return date($format, $timestamp);

It may be that your web server doesn’t support international date formatting - i.e. Config::CheckIntlDateFormat() is failing. You can check to see if that is working on the Fault page.