Forecast been Black and White when the Coordination is enter

Hello, I´m having problems when I enter the coordination on weather module this shows all the informations and temperatura but the color be all in black and white.

How can I fix it ?

Xibo web cms 1.8.3

You mean the template for the weather module?

There are several templates, some of them indeed black&white some of them with different colours, if you edit your weather widget on your layout and go to Appearance tab you can set different template there.

Alternatively you can also override the template and make changes to the CSS.

Thanks for answer.

Yes I´m using a color template, if this use the default CMS location it´shows as color but is not the location that I want. After I just enter the right location this be without colors

I’m not sure why would that happen, which template are you using and what’s the long/lat that you’ve entered in to the weather widget please?

Hello Petrer I reinstall it and it´s working…
How can I translate some words of weather module that is in Portuguese but
some words still in english

thanks a lot

The module itself? ie the forms in Xibo web ui?
that would be here -

All translations are done as community contributions, you can download the .mo and work on it locally or translate it in launchpad and then download it and put it in your CMS installation.

Are you using pt or pt_BR as your CMS language? the latter seems to be a lot more complete.