Font not displayed


we try to use our house-font (Hypatia Sans Pro Light), we can install the font without error and use it in the editor (V2.0.0).

But the font will not be displayed, some kind of default-font is used. In the client folder the font is contained and the html works with Firefox. But it seems the Windows-player uses IE. IE wont display the html right, it shows the same default-font.

Afterwards we tested “Segoe UI”, this font works as expected.

I think you can download the font from here:


We do our best to detect fonts that won’t work at the point they are uploaded in to the CMS, but it’s not impossible to upload a font that will work on say Android but not on Windows.

It stems from the font embedding permissions that are saved in to the font itself. To be sure it will work, you need a font that has an fsType of 0. Assuming your licence for the font allows installation and embedding, then your provider should be able to give you a copy of the font with the fsType value set to 0.

If it’s a free font that allows you to make changes to it (eg if it’s an Open license), then there are tools out there that will allow you to edit the font file and set the fsType parameter to 0 so it will work.

If you’re using a commercially licensed font, that will almost certainly be against your terms and you will need the font licensor to give you a copy with the correct permissions to allow you to use it in that way.