Folders for content organisation

with us being a school we have many layouts for events that are ran at different times/days, teh same layout can be used one day then not again for a week, if you understand,

because of this, I believe a folder system is a good new feature so i can put stuff like charity bake sales in one folder on the CMS as we have 30 tutor groups and they have different charities so that means 30 different layouts that are not ran as a campaign but as separate events as and when we need them.

just a suggestion.

There are tags to allow you to organise your layouts/media items. That’s actually more powerful than a folder structure as it allows certain layouts or content items to be in multiple tags (eg in both “charity” and a specific tutor group, and “bake sales” for example). With a folder structure you could nest those things, but you will always have examples of content that fits in more than one place.

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