Folder for html-documents or another webserver? - solved

Hi there,
i want to display some single html files. These files were generated throughout ‘Untis’, an austrian program for substitution lessons on high school.
My question is:
Do I have the ability to place these files directly on the machine, where the cms runs? Where have they to be placed? How can I access, what is the url to fill in the form?
Do I have to set up another webserver on another machine?

shared/cms/web/userscripts exists for that purpose.

Anything in that folder will be served as

where is your CMS Docker instance.

Thanks for the fast answer.
I haven’t set a domain for the docker instance, so it’s still the default.
I tried to access with http://localhost/userscripts/subst_001.htm, but I get an ‘requested url not found’ error.

Ahhhh, sorry!
Used the IP-address and IT WORKS!