Fit - auto resize images to region - Xibo 1.6.4


I am using the Xibo 1.6.4 CMS and client, one question here, is it possible somehow to “force” images to fit the region area?

See this image to understand what I mean :

Thank you.

So in general it’s best to have images in the same resolution (or at least aspect ratio) as the region.
That being said, there should be two scale types:
Centre - which also let’s you horicontal/vertical align it
Stretch - self explanatory

I’m not sure if Stretch was there in 1.6 series.

Is there any particular reason why are you using this version instead of 1.7.8?

Hi, thank you for your reply.

Yes, I am using the 1.6.4 ver. on linux OS.

It don’t have the “Stretch” option, I was wondering if I can add it manually somewhere in cms code.

It must be a jquery or php file that will make the job.

Stretch is a parameter in the XLF file, so you would need to add that parameter CMS side, and then you’d need to update your Player to support it. That’s alot of work.

You would need to upgrade to 1.7 series (and stop using the Linux player) to get this functionality.

Is it possible to post here an example of xlf file?

Here’s the XLF from a 1.7 CMS.

A 1.6 Player won’t know what to do with that though!

<media id="4072" type="image" render="native" duration="10" lkid="34704" userId="7" schemaVersion="1">

obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

One final question here, do you know where is the file that handles these files?

It’s been a long time since I looked at a 1.6 code base. The module code I think returns the XLF for it’s own module. You’ll have to dig though I’m afraid.

Is it possible somehow to find more info about it?

About what? There’s no code in there to handle it, so you would need to write your own.

You’d probably just be able to add the option there, but I’ve not tested that at all.

I mean the code file in the client…

Code file that handle the text, image, videos and all other media with there options.

If you’re talking about the Python client, then it’s in the plugin

Thank you Alex .!! :slight_smile: