First time using this, how to display PowerPoint, images, video, weather and news ticker?

I am new to this, so please excuse me if I sound a little ignorant. I hope I am trying to use this for what it is intended for.

Okay, the other day I was flipping through channels and stopped on a local city channel and they were doing something I was doing, but with a little more advanced features such as displaying a PowerPoint or images, then shows a few videos on the left side, on the right side shows the weather, and bottom of the screen a news ticker. So my question is how do I accomplish this?

I have looked on YouTube to see if anyone was doing a step by step tutorial with the latest version, but had no luck, look on web and again really no luck either.

If there is a website(s) video(s) or text please let me know or if you are willing to give me some steps that would be helpful also.

PowerPoint -
Videos and images are uploaded to the CMS library then assigned to a specific region on your layout.
Weather (ie forecast io module) -
Rss feed (Ticker) -

So the basic idea is to create regions on your layout and assigned the media you want to those regions.

You can have a look at this basic guide -
Should help you get started.

If you’d prefer someone else to design that layout for you (for a price), drop us an email to
and we will discuss it further.

Thank you for your reply.