First installation, Android player is ok, Windows player no :(

Hello, I did my first installation of Xibo in a shared linux server.
I changed the default text and background and I added on the default layout a video (coming from a pptx) and 4 pictures as a slideshow (2 seconds each)
On my android phone is working good, but on my laptop I can see only the new background and the new text.
I checked the library and I found the video (I can see it with VLC and the pictures)
All the files are ok.
So…what’s wrong?
Which settings I can play with?
How can I check the log files?

Thanks in advance

Can you post the Windows and Player versions? Also, what format is the video? Can it be played in Windows Media Player on that device?

Additionally, do have either overlapping regions or non jpg background image on this layout?

As for logs, for now, please press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo for Windows has focus - that will show a status window of your player, please take a screenshot of it and post it here.

Thanks for your answer. I finally found that was a problem of z-index with the background.
How long does it take to upgrade the layout on Android 5.1?