Firewll Detected Blocking sharing of Drive C in Docker

After joining computer to domain, docker will not share drive C in settings but returns error “A fire wall is blocking fire sharing between windows and the containers…”

I have tried turning off windows defender firewall and this has yielded nothing, thanks for the help

I have taken a look at the Docker website and found another User with a very similar sounding issue to the one you have been experiencing. I have included a link to the page below:

I would recommend following the advice suggested in the post, as this is a Docker related issue, not Xibo. It also states at the bottom of the post that if it is still not working after following their advice (and meeting the prerequisites) that you will need to file an issue with Docker about this error. I hope you are able to resolve the error.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for the reply, actually i did visit that link but was not that much of help , what did work however was, i uninstalled docker (after turning off windows firewall) then re-installing docker, and this resolved the issue for me, sharing of C drive is now possible

Best regards

That’s excellent news, glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue, even if that did mean reinstalling Docker.

Many Thanks.