Filter for DataTicker

I have setup a dataset with follow columns

  • wochentag
  • Beschreibung
  • sonstiges

For column wochentag i use Datatype “string” als “Auswahlbox” (kommasepariert: mondy, … , sunday).

I cannot get the SQL filter to work - i’d like to to use a filter that checks what day of the week it is an display the events for the weekday.

I use follow Filter: DATE_FORMAT(NOW(), %W) = ‘wochentag’

Can you help me please to find the mistake?

Many thanks …

you can use formula DATE_FORMAT(CURDATE(), ‘%W’) . (Column format string )
For event note :
CASE WHEN DATE_FORMAT(CURDATE(), ‘%W’) = “Tuesday” THEN ‘wow’ ELSE ‘puff’ END

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