File Syncronization Without Running Player

Good Day,

I know this is probably an unusually request but im going to give it a shot anyway. I currently use Xibo to do some Digital Signage stuff in our retail locations, mostly wall mounted TVs with an attached player.

Our POS company has a feature where you can display ads on a secondary montior that is attached to the POS. You can purchase their hosted package or simply run the Ads off a local windows folder. I currently have a process set up that copies from a centralized set of folders each night to the individual POS machines. The problem is that it lakes scheduling and I am often trying to remember how to do everything manually.

I tried setting up Xibo on my test machine to run on a secondary monitor but struggled with getting the player and resolution to work correctly. I was wondering if there was a way to use the player to simply cache the files on the local machine for me. Basically the player would not run, but would make sure to download the files from the CMS and synch them to a local folder on the PC. I would use the built in feature of my POS software to then display the content.

Anyone have thoughts on this?


Player needs to download content from the CMS, if player is offline and therefore not logged in to the CMS, it won’t be able to download anything from it.

Technically you can have a layout with embedded widget or local video if you’re using videos that would point to the fully qualified path to the file in the player local library, if the path would match it should display new content that was provided ‘offline’.

That being said, it would be best and recommended that all content comes from the CMS.

You’d want to create a new display profile on the Display Settings page then on the location tab set the offsets and resolution as required, then Xibo player will start on the secondary monitor.