Features for users


We’ve been using Xibo for 3 years now and we are updating it from 1.8 to 3.04 this week.
I can see that there has been many changes (for good). But I’m quite lost with the users and there features.
Our need is very specific : the admin creates et schedules campains and layouts.
Only a few users have the right to add and delete medias in existing and scheduled campains. That’s all they are supposed to do. No creation, no scheduling. Only add and delete their own medias in the layout.
Though I have read the documentation, I’d like to be sure to allow the right features/roles to these people.
I have allowed these users to see and edit the layout. They can delete the widgets they add in the region as long as it has not been published. Once it was published, even if we extract the layout again, these people can’t edit or delete the media. It only works if these people allow themselves to see edit and delete the widget with the “sharing” permissions when they add it in the first time, which is quite a nonsense :slight_smile:
Could anybody help us ticking the right boxes please ?
Thanks !

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