Feature Request - Temporary / Portal Display Client

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A temporary run once, self contained client to create a quick Xibo display.

User Story

We have an upcoming event and we’d like to setup some more temporary Xibo displays. We’re using some laptops and PC’s which would normally be used by users but for this event we’d like to show a Xibo layout. To do this at the moment the client must be installed, configured, approved and the layout push out to it. Once the event has finish the software must be removed and Xibo CMS cleaned up.

The request is to create a temporary, self contained client which doesn’t need to be installed. You’d pre-config and approve it via CMS. This would create a client file (EXE on my case) which would be run on the device. At the end of the event, you close the client, delete the file and remove the ‘Temporary’ display from CMS.

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You can pay for a CMS and player licences on a monthly basis.
If you want to use the Windows Player then it would need to be installed and configured.

You could buy a White Label for WIndows or Android where we can build the CMS details into the installer for you? If you did want to select this option, you would need to keep the CMS on a longer term than monthly, for it to be beneficial to you.

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