Feature Request - bandwidth throttling

I’m not a dev, so I don’t have the knowledge to create this feature, however it would be nice if we could throttle file transfers, or even limit the number of displays that are updated at a time within a display group (geographical location).

You could create separate Display Settings Profiles for each set of Displays and then define a download start/end time window for them to receive file based updates?

I might use that option to define when a file can be uploaded to a display… I’ll check that out. It may be interesting though to have maybe a per display group or per display setting to say, maybe limit this guy to x number of mbps. Not sure if that is a possibility or something that would enhance the product for many other people or not.

I’m not sure whether we can do true network throttling on the client - particularly if apache/nginx sendfile mode are enabled. When files are requested through XMDS we could introduce a delay between each chunk request - but again I am not sure how reliable this would turn out to be.

Would it be fair to say that the overall goal is for an update that effects many displays to limit the resources placed on the network/server - some sort of “delayed update”? In other words when you make a change that effects 100 displays at once, you don’t want them all updating at the same time?

Sorry for the late response… I would think that maybe by adding a random time delay for the individual displays to update, it would greatly reduce overall network use during a change.

I think we will end up handling this through XMR - in 1.8 we have a concept of “push” rather than “poll” an this would make it much more achievable to “push” the command to update in a staggered way to individual players or groups.

I’m not saying we have a firm idea of how exactly this might happen - but it is on our radar to address - we don’t want to be DoS’ing our own CMS with Display updates.