Feature library quota not work

I create user testuserquota with library quota 1M

But I still can upload video size 21 M

How to resolve it?

The first thing to do is mane sure you understand how it works: http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/users_library_quota.html - in particular you should check which groups that user is assigned to and whether they have different quotas

Sorry sir for slow response. I’m busy with chinese new year. I read manual already and I got it thank you for advice.

I try again by use existing user (testuserquota allow 1M )

and create user group (testquota allow 1M)


I assign user testuserquota to group testquota and upload video sizes 21 M again but it still can upload.

How to resolve it?

EDIT. assign group picture

testuserquota is likely a member of the Users group. Remove it from the Users group (any any other groups that it might be a member of other than testquota) and it should work fine.

I move testuserquota in Coca and Users groups from Assigned to Available already. But it still can upload.
Can u test this feature again?

I’m sorry sir I think it will warn before upload but it will warn after it over limit of quota.

Thank you for help sir.