Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn't happen. SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Cant connect to MSQL server on 'mysql' (111)

This error is recurring when I try to browse to the cms. There is a password set on ‘config.env’. I have shutdown and deleted the ‘shared’ folder a few times - no luck. Has anyone any suggestions?


Which docker installation is it? (Windows / Linux / windows docker toolbox).

If you have fresh installation (without shared) now, if you run the up command without -d it will show you the logs, does that show any other errors?

Do you have something else running on that server? ie is it possible that the ports are in use? Are you using the default ports or custom ones?

The installation is Linux.
Its a fresh Linux install, so nothing else running at all.
I have left everything at default for now.
The logs show a repeat of 'MySQL init process in progress…'
Eventually it outputs ‘MySQL init process failed’