Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn't happen. Failed to create cache path

We are trying to build xibo cms with docker in development mode by referring the link :

and by using command : docker-compose up --build -d

But while opening http://localhost from web browser we get an error :
Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn’t happen. Failed to create cache path.

Please suggest how can we check this further.

Ashish Gupta

Could you please confirm for us what exactly have you done so far.

Also what docker version are you using please?

I am using docker version 18.03.1-ce, build 9ee9f40.
I have downloaded xibo cms code with tag 1.8.10.
And then try and build with docker by following commands mentioned in README.md file.
basically it is set of commands :
git clone git@github.com:<your_id>/xibo-cms.git xibo-cms
cd xibo-cms
php composer.phar install --ignore-platform-reqs
docker-compose up --build -d

HI Peter,
I have even tried with cms version 1.8.9 and still see the same behaviour. Can you please tell me any stable version in that it is working.
Ashish Gupta