Failed it can run test - Android

I have a display that after changing several video duration times on the layout, only shows the Springsignage and Xibo logos. I tried clearing the cache and rebooting Xibo. The version I am running is 1.7.4 R55.

The display continuously communicates with the CMS during this time, like it is updating or something.

Note I do not have SuperUser permission on this particular display. All the other displays that I have SuperUser access on updated fine on the same layout.

After about an hour the screen finally came up.

Checked the system log (I had Auditing turning on the whole time), and nothing for this display.

Client Status screen shows blank Last 5 Log Messages and no Blacklisted Videos.

Internet connection was good the entire time.
Cms 1.7.4, All other displays updated normally during this time. As well as other displays on the same network.

I’m not sure what that would have been - as you say it was likely downloading content during that time.

R56 has an enhancement which will show the default layout during that time (unless you are updating the default layout of course!).