Fading problem next img

do not no how to fixs it fades to white and then the next image. I want it to fade straight to the next image

If some one can help fixs this


I see that you have been trying to get an answer to make what you need work for a couple of weeks.

I believe the “Cross-Fade” option you want to have does not exist as a feature yet. Please look here.

I understand that your client is… perhaps… expecting you to be able to deliver this ability. Currently the only way I can see to do this, is to make the images into a video. I believe that a recent version of Microsoft Power Point could be used and the presentation exported as a video. This could allow you to make it appear as you want. It does add additional steps, and also makes it harder to update. Until a new module for Xibo is built, I don’t see another way.

Edit: If someone wants to create the module. I think it should really be in the form of a really simple video creation module that would be expanded upon overtime. I see the ability to create simple video and effects as part of the evolution of Xibo and see this feature in nearly every other signage offering.

Or maybe just use what has already been created, and integrate into Xibo: http://www.moviemasher.com/