Fading not working right

my clinet is looking for fading between pics with no black when swiching

not switching right

i need it to fade with the pics and go to next img

my player is on the right

there old player on the left

i need it to be the same

Is it a Windows or Android Player. If it’s Windows, then transitions are not currently supported so you can’t use them.

r Android Player I am using

What durations do you have on the fade out/in transitions. Keep in mind they are expressed in milliseconds.

Also keep in mind that only entry transitions are played on regions with only one media item in them. To add an exit transition, you add that on the region itself.

I want it to fade straight to the next image.

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Without modifications, Xibo’s core image plugin’s fading between pictures will only fade to background (which could be black).

If you’re trying to fade between two images, depending on how you want to fade, you’re better off with a custom module.