"Fade Out" widget transition not working correctly on Android R300


Thanks for the great software! I think I found a bug with the “Fade Out” transition on the Android player, R300. I have tried the exact same layout on the latest windows player and it works fine.

The Problem: If you apply a fade out transition to an item (let’s say Item #1 - Image, Text, or Video), that is overlapping another item (lets say Item #2) in another region, Item #1 disappears behind Item #2 during the fade out transition. Fade in works fine.

To recreate the layout:

  1. Create an image widget (I used a smallish transparent png logo). Set the z-index to 1. Duration set to shorter than the video in step 2.
  2. Create a video widget, not fullscreen, but bigger than the image. Leave the z-index at 0.
  3. Drag the image widget so it’s partly overlapping the video widget.
  4. Put a spacer after the image widget to fill up the rest of the timeline so the transition is called.

When you play the video, because the image is partly overlapping, you should see the image disappear behind the video, like it’s falling back to z-index 0 or -1 even. You can see the fade out actually working on the part that is not overlapping the video.

Hopefully it’s not some weird peculiarity with my setup, but it’s consistent behaviour across multiple android devices.