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Ubuntu 22.04.1


Suddenly a few days ago our CMS web became horribly unresponsive. Every click takes about 20 seconds to return anything. The strange thing is that nothing changed on the server when the problems started. Everything else on the server works fine, it got plenty of free memory and cpu time. I have digged in logs (both on the host machine, Docker and Xibo itself) and found nothing to explain the behaviour. I even rolled the vmware machine back to snapshot from before the problems started to no avail. I know it’s vague, but has anyone got any idea where to continue looking?

I have a suspicion someone in the network team might have done something, but I need something concrete if I’m to start pointing fingers. I can reach the servers on the tcp ports I should (8008, 9505) and the server can reach things it’s supposed to.

do you use “action” with “moving to layout X” in your layout ? there is a bug in 3.3.2 which is resolve in 3.3.3

What happend when if you restart docker ? did the latence change ?

Try to change the mem-limit in you docker.yml file per each instance. I have doubled all the standard values. In my case it resolved a lot (including the update to 3.3.3)

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