External URL from the android client


I’m sorry I can’t find any info on this…
I need to be sure what are the IP/DNS name the client HAVE to be able to access (Licence and/or others)

We were having issues when we whitelisted only the CMS url (can’t connect to CMS)

Thank you for your message. If your CMS is not hosted on our cloud service, you should find that you only need the URL for your CMS and for the Android License Server. In the below guide you will find the URL for the license server:


The fact that your Player is not able to connect to your CMS but the URL for the CMS is in the whitelist suggests the issue may not be related to the whitelist. Were you able to connect your Player to your CMS before you set up a whitelist?

Many Thanks.

Yes, I’ll check why this week.

We have around 100 android clients, so yes it is working :wink:

ok glad to hear you will take a look and see what is happening. I hope you are able to resolve any connectivity issues the Player may have.

Many Thanks.