External application for UDP streaming

Hi, I want to use Xibo on an system where I have UDP streaming, so I have to use VLC to see it.
We were trying to open VLC using the command line, but without success, seen that VLC is on the layer under Xibo all the time.
Is there any way to have VLC on the top layer? Or a way to use UDP streaming on Xibo?
Thank you

Xibo player is always on top by default, opening the status window (press i on keyboard) will allow other applications to be on top of it.

That being said, for windows player, it would be best to convert that to hls and then use HLS widget in Xibo (1.8 series Win 8.1 + ) or if that’s not suitable then perhaps embed vlc browser plugin in Xibo embedded widget.

Hi Peter,
Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately I can’t convert the UDP stream on HLS Stream (unless there is a system to do it on the windows player).
I tried to use VLC embedded, but it says (on the preview) “plug-in not supported”, as you can see:

This is the embed code I used:

Is this right?

I tried with a RTSP stream from VLC and this is the answer:

(the video from the address
The other video was a test from a public address, and it seems that the Android player doesn’t support .mov videos.
Why does the log says that also the first video is supports? It was a .mp4, specifically Big Buck Bunny 1080p 30 fps (http://bbb3d.renderfarming.net/download.html)

Thank you for the help

You should be using H264 .mp4 videos on Android, would be good to try that please I’d expect it to work with that format assuming everything else is correctly set up and player can reach that address (which it seems it does).