Export db in settings

I have xibo 1.8.10 running in docker under windows 10. When I try to export whole db from setting i get a page with index.php not found. How can I fix this?
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Thank you for the information. This has been logged as a bug, I have included a link below:

An automatic backup is created every day and can be located in the shared/backup/db directory. I would recommend saving a copy of this whilst we resolve the issue.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

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also have a problem with db export.

Xibo 1.8.10 Custom Installation, I have already installed the fix “Possible fix for database export xibosignage / xibo # 1603”.

When I try to export database from setting i get a page with “Konfigurationsfehler
Datenbank Dump fehlgeschlagen” (Configuration error
Database dump failed).

What exactly does this error message mean ?

php exec is activated, mysqldump is in the path.

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That error would imply that at least one of the files that should be created by pressing the export button is empty.

If you’d navigate to your CMS library folder /temp, you should see that either structure.dump or data.dump is empty (0 kb size).

Could you please add the log lines after each $command, before their respective exec


Make sure your CMS has auditing enabled, try to run the export db button.

In logs you should see the command that it attempted to run - could you please paste me that in private message?

You can also try to run that command manually and see if it shows an error.

It works now. Have a database.tar.gz with content “structure.dump” and “data.dump”.

I had changed the environment path in Windows without restarting Windows.

With this little php program I read the environment path and recognized the problem.


Only one small problem: The export window does not go away and the wheel is spins. I have to quit the window with cancel.

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Ah I see, I’m glad that it did work in the end!

Could you please confirm for me that you also applied the changes to:
views/maintenance-form-export.twig and

from the same commit as the fix in maintenance.php ie the one linked earlier in this topic.

That was aimed to solve exactly that problem with some little javascript - seems to work for me locally, but since we did not merge it in yet it was not tested on other installations.

Unfortunately, I did not see the other two files. :unamused:

I have it installed now. Now the window is closed.

Thanks again for the help.

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