Exit Android App After a Schedule/Layout

Hi All

I am wondering if it is at all possible to achieve the following.

Make the app on the Android TV exit after it has played a layout, basically our layout is approx 5 minutes long and we want to play this on the hour every hour which we have setup and working. The only thing that we haven’t managed to sort is making the app exit/push to the background.

Example - The World cup is being shown, on the hour our advertising layout comes on for 5 minutes, once it has finished we want it to return to the TV not stick on the grey Xibo display.

Can this be achieved?

Not quite, it’s not really designed for that.

You could have a reboot command scheduled (or even in the same layout you run as a shell widget with reboot command) and disable the autostart of the player in display settings, but then you’d need to manually start it to show the layout again - the way you currently have it, I assume you need to manually close Xibo for Android and that you already have auto restart disabled in the display profile.

In what way are you showing the World Cup? Is it on the Android device too or do you switch the source on the monitor/tv?

Hi Peter

We are currently using the app on the android tv called LIVE TV - this seems to work a treat. Basically when the signage software runs on the TV we do indeed press EXIT on the remote, this takes us back to the LIVETV app and the TV is playing - it then starts again when the schedule is set it is literally just the need to remove the manual process of having to press exit on the keyboard.