Every ticker screen ghosts in next slide

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Version 2.3.7

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web preview and windows player

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I have this issue, where the info of the ticker feed flows over in the next slide for a few ms. How can i stop this ? https://vimeo.com/507100978

The slide-over to the new should void all the previous content immediately

What i also noticed not on video, but it takes. a few ms for the info to appear on screen. This is never instant.

Today is tested it with the linux player, and the problem of the info showing a ms later isn’t there. Nor is the problem of the info ghosting in the other slide a ms because of that.

I couldn’t let this go so today i did a few tests with installations on different hardware all running on Windows 10 and installed the latest windows client xibo-client-v2-R256.7-win32-x86 and unfortunately they al have this overflow/lag in to the next slide.

i then installed the latest linux players a few times on the same hardware and this problem did not occur. Do you have any suggestions on what i can try to avoid this ? Since i really would like to use the windows player

Thank you for your messages evertbotterweg. Can you send me an exported copy of your layout that demonstrates this issue? I will then test this on all platforms and report any issues to the development teams.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

thank you. I will make an export monday or tuesday and send it.

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