Event repeated forever - loss of access to CMS

Hi. I have an event that plays from 05:30 to 16:45 and repeats every 1 day, forever. This has been working flawlessly. Today, the display reverted to it’s default layout - due to the fact that the CMS was offline for several days. Once the CMS was brought back online, the display went back to it’s scheduled event/layout.

What is the intended result when a forever scheduled display loses contact with the CMS? I would have expected it to continue playing (forever).

This is on a 1.8.11 docker install. Windows player version 1.8.10.


Your Display will store Schedule information locally for up to 2 days. If your CMS was down for a few days, your Display would not be able to receive updated schedule information, which is why it returned to the Default Layout. The reason for this is to avoid downloading too much information to your Display.

Now that your CMS is back online, you should find the issue is resolved but it is worth noting for the future in case your CMS is down again.

Many Thanks.

Just so I understand, even though the event is scheduled to repeat forever, the CMS still spoon feeds only the next x days of scheduling data (with x dependent on the “send files in advance” setting)?

That’s correct. Your Xibo Player will store up to 2 days worth of schedule in advance of the current date.

Limiting the amount of schedule information to be stored locally on the Display ensures that disk space is not filled with Event media and Schedule information that is not needed for the near future.

Many Thanks.