Evaluating Xibo, trouble with templates

I am new to Xibo and still evaluating it under a 14-day cloud trial using version 2.0.1.

I am exploring the templates feature, but it does not appear to be working according to the manual’s instructions. I have created a layout and saved it as a template, but it only appears in the Layouts section of the CMS as though it were another regular layout with the name “David’s template.” It does not show up in the Templates section of the CMS, nor can I select it from the templates dropdown menu when creating a new layout. I’ve ensured that I am the owner of the template layout and I’ve even assigned Everyone permissions to it, but it makes no difference. It simply does not appear to register as a template in Xibo.

Am I missing something? Has anyone else encountered this?

Thank you for your message and sorry to hear you have experienced this issue. I have logged the issue on Github, below is a link to that report:

I would recommend creating a ticket on our Helpdesk so we can look into this issue further for you:


Many Thanks.