Errors making changes to a layout lead to reboot and lost data


I’ve been testing xibo for a couple of weeks, but had a couple of major issues. On two occasions, I made a change to a layout, but the change would not apply. Refreshing or restarting my web browser lost any connection I had as an admin to a CMS, and I was unable to make a connection from another workstation. Both times I rebooted the workstation that holds the CMS, and I was able to reconnect to the web interface - however my data was not visible.

I’m familiar with the docker-compose stop / start commands, but these were not effective.

My questions are:

  1. What might cause the issue with making a change to a layout loses my CMS connection? I’m using Edge as my admin browser, to a Win 10 64 bit docker install.

  2. If that happens, what is the best approach for recovery? Should I stop Docker manually before rebooting?

  3. If data is missing following a reboot and the docker-compose stop / start commands are ineffective, is there anything I should do other than attempt a recovery via a restore, or rebuild the CMS?

Thanks in advance.


I would first make sure that your Layouts and other data are still in the Library Folder for your CMS. Unless you’ve changed the default Library location, you will find it under the shared directory of your CMS install at /cms/library.

If all of your Layouts and imported media are still there, I would next suggest opening the Docker settings and un-sharing/re-sharing the drive you have installed your CMS onto. I also find that restarting Docker can also resolve this issue.

Many Thanks.


Thanks Dan, we’ll look at that if / as it happens again.


Hi - further update on this. I came in today to find I couldn’t connect to the CMS. Looking on the ‘server’ I found the entire Shared folder was missing - not just the content, but also the Shared folder itself. Any idea what would cause that?