Error xibo player - XMR not pushig to player

Hi Everyone, first of all thanks for your help.

I am having trouble with my Xibo players, they are not receibing push notifications, and i have this error on player:

2022-03-03 20:23:22LogAgentLogAgent - RunException in Run: El cliente encontró el tipo de contenido de respuesta 'text/plain;charset=UTF-8', pero se esperaba 'text/xml'.
Error de la solicitud con el mensaje de error:

There has been an unknown error with XMDS, it has been logged. Please contact your administrator.
2022-03-03 20:18:23FileAgent_media_Id_13FileAgent - RunException in Run: Requested an invalid file.

Its a seldhosted instalation and the ports are open.

I make changes on schedule, or designs, and nothing happens on player or takes 25 minutes to update.


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