Error when Updating?

ERROR: Get unauthorized: incorrect username or password
That is the error message i get when trying to update from 1.8.9 to 1.8.10. Any way to get around it?

I need to find a solution quick so I can continue to use Xibo

Could you please tell us what steps exactly have you done so far?

Presumably you’ve followed the instructions here?

Any other changes you did? Are you logged in as the same admin type user etc?

We’ve followed run through the instructions here: We ran “docker-compose stop”, backed up the xibo install folder, copied the files from the 1.8.10 folder into the xibo install folder, replacing the existing files that were overwritten, and then ran “docker-compose down” “docker-compose up -d”. The error message happens when we run “docker-compose up -d”. We are logged in as an admin in the docker-admin local group and logged into docker with our docker account.

What else should we do?

I really need to get on today. Any way i can get past this issue?

We reverted back to 1.8.9 and our data is still in our share folder but not in Xibo itself. Also, the user accounts have been removed

Thank you for your enquiry. Can you confirm the following information please:

Are you currently able to see your created content in the CMS?
Are you using a Windows Docker? If not, please let me know what you are using
Are you using custom ports or defaults?

If you are using a Windows Docker, I would recommend running the following commands. Should an error be generated, please reply with the details.:

“docker-compose stop”
“docker-compose start”

Thank you for the response. We are running Docker on Windows. Those commands did not resolve the issue, however rebooting the server and then running those commands again did. We will stick with 1.8.9 for now. Thanks again.