Error when try viewing a scheduled events for a display

I have schedule a complexe repeated events in the scheduler for a particular display, a kind of something impossible. The scheduler accepted the event, however shows nothing on the planning.
Now, in the scheduler when I choose this display, I have an error, I can’t add events, the only way is to delete the display and readd it in the CMS.
Discover this problem on 2.3.7, I have just update to 2.3.9 with the same problem.
Thanks for your help.

Hello, what are you trying to achieve with your scheduling?

For example try to schedule from date 1 to date 2 with recursing each month first of 4 times.
Then no more acces to scheduler with with display. No trace in audit trail aswell.
See you Natasha

So that I can try and recreate your issue could you give me an example schedule that you are attempting?

I am able to schedule an event and repeat it on a monthly basis without error. Below is a screenshot of my defined event:

And how I want that Event to Repeat is shown below:

That’s my recurring schedule showing for March:

And for April:

Hi Natasha,
Here is the howto break the xibo scheduler :wink:
See you
FHowto break Xibo Schedule.pdf (1.2 MB) red

Hi Fred, thank you for this.

Could I ask if it would be possible for you to try and recreate this on a Cloud Trial? It will be easier for us to take a look at your issue if it happens there.

Hi Natasha,
No problem.
Done in the cloud with the same effects.
Sorry for that. This seems to be a bug …
See you.

XIBOCLOUD-breaking scheduler howto.pdf (437.5 KB)

Thank you, that appears to be 2 bugs!

I have recorded both issues here:

Thank you for your assistance!

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