Error when opening timeline of new playlist

Hello, I attempted to search for related issues but did not get far. When I open the “timeline” on a playlist (I have just created one, and only have one) I get an “unexpected error”

My configuration is set up as such:
Internet → NGINX Proxy (SSL termination, http proxy, and tcp proxy for XMR) → Docker Install of Xibo CMS 2.1.0 (so double nginx…? I don’t think I have set it up to account for this 100% yet, but separate issue…)

Attached is a link to the “Report Fault” captured logs and config. Thanks in advance for any help.

Thank you for the message and screenshot of the error. I can see that you have scheduled Fonts into your Playlist, can you confirm how you managed to do that?

Fonts are not supposed to be scheduled to Playlists, as they are not media to be consumed and displayed, they are simply Font files. if you remove the Fonts, does the error persist?

Many Thanks.

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This makes sense of course! And if I select something that is not a font, the error does not appear. I was also able to delete the fonts without issue.

I did not intentionally put fonts in the timeline - and I don’t remember exactly what I did that might have put them there. However: after playing around with it I was able to figure out a way to get fonts into the timeline ( I assume I must have done this…).

  1. Create a new playlist
  2. Set it to dynamic and add a rule that would include fonts (for example I did name=“r”)
  3. Save + close the playlist.
  4. Copy the dynamic playlist.
  5. The copy created is not dynamic, but does contain all the media that was dynamically assigned to the source playlist, including fonts.

I didn’t even notice the timeline (or even know what it was for yet) having fonts in it because I was only just poking around with playlists and ran into the error! Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.

Thank you for your message and for explaining how you were able to add Fonts to the Playlist. I have tested the method you mentioned and it does indeed incorrectly add Fonts to the Playlist. I have written an issue report for the Development team, who will create a fix for future revisions of Xibo CMS:

Glad to hear that you were able to remove the Fonts from your Playlist without issue. Thanks by the way for passing this on, it’s an excellent find and will help to avoid this error for users in the future.

Many Thanks