Error Uploading Powerpoint

How do I successfully upload a PowerPoint presentation onto the Xibo server. What are the steps to facilitate this process. I am using Powerpoint 2010. When I try to upload I am getting the error empty file.

My process
Go to Layouts, Add Layout, Populate the fields and Save
Click the Grey Space and the Region Time Line appears
I select Powerpoint and then click add to save the file
I then hit Add file
and then I get the error “Error Empty File”

The file is approximately 2.26MB


Do video files upload normally? Usually “Error Empty File” would mean that the web server does not have permission to save the file to the library location. Also just to make sure if you are running a client and the server on the same machine, please make sure the library location for the server is different than the client.

If on Windows I would suggest moving the client library out of c:\users… and put it somewhere like c:\xiboclientlibrary. Windows can be funny about allowing access to the Users folders.

The Xibo server is running Linux and I am new to this environment. The server and the client are not running on the same machine.

When I upload a video I get the following error - “Error empty file”

Should I be able to preview the layout, I am also unable to do this.

What do I need to do to resolve my issue.


Sounds like a permissions issue then.

Sounds like Apache does not have permissions on the library folder to write the uploaded file to the library. The best I can tell you is that you need to check that Apache has write access on your library folder. On Ubuntu installations Apache runs as the User www-data. So www-data would need to have 0744 permissions on the folder, if Apache is the owner of that folder.

Do Other files upload normally?

This might help:

Also if this is the problem, then previewing a layout won’t work either, as the files are not in the library to show in the preview.

ok so let me ask another dumb question

the client system is windows Are these applications needed for the client to connect to the CMS server

I think I was able to solve the permissions issue. Now just need the client to be able to view the information

Yes you will need to install a client to show content. The page you referenced is perfect. I would recommend following all the instructions on the page. Especially the registry edits and the part about power point.

So let me get this right.

On the server the steps should be as follows:-

Add Video to the Library
Add the Video to the layout - Add Layout,Complete the empty fields, double click the grey space and choose Add video
Select Assign to Layout
Schedule the Layout

However nothing happens. When I launch the player manually the Xibo Player loads but not my video and I have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to close the screen as my system simply stays at that screen. Please advise.

Where am I going wrong

Which Client are you using?

I take it you have the client registered with the Server and you see it under displays?

Did you wait for the client to download the layout from the Server? Maybe wait 10 minutes or so. Then if it still has not updated you can try restarting the client. Also try checking the date and time on both the client and the sever. Make sure the time zones are the same as well.

If that doesn’t do it then please post a screen shot of the entire status screen of the client.

Regional Settings

Yes the client is registered with the server and I can see it under displays

Please explain your comment in regards for waiting for the client to download the layout from the server



When I try to schedule the event

When I click the Xibo user icon in the top right I see the following

When I open the Xibo client

Where is the missing link?

It looks like the layout is invalid, as I see and “x” on status. This is usually caused by an empty region on the layout. Please remove any empty regions.

I would also set the schedule for longer than 5 minutes, at least until you have things working.

As far as allowing for time for the layout to be downloaded from the server. The client checks in at a predetermined interval, set in display settings. So if it is set to 10 minutes, then it could take up to 10 minutes before the client even knows there is a change. Once it know about a change it then needs to download the changed layout and all media, web pages or whatever has been scheduled. So the more items on the layout and the larger the items the longer it will take to download the items. Sometimes it takes the client a bit before displaying the layout. So sometimes for testing purposes, you may find that after you think the client has downloaded everything, restarting the client will allow you to see your changes quicker.

Hmm this design is fighting me :confused: but not giving up

so i removed the empty region however I am still getting the X

If I am running a powerpoint or video is the layout a requirement

Yes, anything you want to display via the client would need to be on the layout.

Looking at your pic, I would think that a full screen region needs to be created. Then double click the region. I am assuming the powerpoint file has already been uploaded to your media library. So click on Library, find and add the media to the playlist. Close the playlist. The X in the top right corner of the layout editor should be gone. If not then, please create a new layout, with 1 region full screen and then add the powerpoint file to the playlist. Then the X should be gone.

Also can you please tell me what client you are using, as Powerpoint files will only work on a Windows client with PowerPoint version 2003 or later installed. Which brings me to… Have you thought about exporting the powerpoint files as video files from PowerPoint? Saves a bit of trouble and licenses for Powerpoint.

Thanks for working with me on this

ok so a little progress, I moved from the X to an i and the message associated with the i is that





Windows Client - Xibo Player 1.7.8 VER 112
The powerpoint presentation has videos which were created in Quicktime, which I have also installed onto my machine

Ok… Am I seeing things are the start and end times on the schedule the same?

Also I don’t see that the display is connected to the CMS. IP field is blank? What does the status screen show on the client?

the ip is there its just i greyed it out so its not public knowledge. the start and end times was a selection error on my part.

if the powerpoibt has quicktime videos, is it best to display the content as a mpvie or powerpoint as the CMs is indicatingbit still cant play all content in the file.

Start simple. Just put a single static image on the layout. Get that working, and once you have that going, move on to getting PowerPoint running.

Ok guys

I think there is a fundamental issue which is missing.

Whenever I start the player I get the Xibo default layout, even though I have a layout and media of a video loaded in the platform.

I have the following in the layout



If I download the video to my computer it plays. also why would the second system have an ! mark.

Thanks for your guidance

The ! means that the Player hasn’t connected to pickup those changes yet.

A look at the Player information screen might be helpful. You press i with the Player running to bring that up.

What’s bothering me is the dates you have shown in Last Accessed. Have you changed the date format settings in the CMS at all? I’d suggest looking at that they’re almost certainly wrong.

Date format - yes I did.

I don’t think that’s a valid date format.

Please can you set it back to Y-m-d H:i

The Player isn’t seeing any video or layouts in the list of things to download, which suggests it’s not connected to the CMS to pickup that information. What collection interval have you configured?