Error: Upload server currently unavailable

Hello! So I update my CMS to 2.3.3, all seem to work except for upload media: When I try to upload a media (pictures, video, music, etc…), I see the progress bar full, then I get a “Internal server error” and “Upload server currently unaivailable - Fri Apr 24 2020 12:21:30 GMT+0200” and my media is not upload

I install the cms on windows (with xampp)
I tried to upload a 12Ko files, my limit is 128Mo
I don’t know why I can’t add media, because I already do an upgrade before (from 1.8 to 2.0) and I had no problems

Thank you for your help

I would suspect either PHP configuration, or file system permissions. You’d need to check on both for PHP file uploads. Where you do a custom install you have to handle all those things yourself.

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