Error updating PowerPoint


I’ve an issue to update existing Powerpoint (already uploaded in Media).

If I try to update and new one, the update process is very quick and nothing change.

I’ve the admin right and i’m the owner of the media.

I activate debuug and receive this error :
Error uploading the file. Error Number: 3

I’m running on version 1.7.4.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Code 3 is for partial upload if I am not mistaken.
Which means there was some kind of error during upload.
When you edit your existing media to change it, did you tick the
"Update this media in all layouts it is assigned to?"
"Delete the old version?"

Does it happen only with .ppt files?

If you would upload it as a new media file does it works?

Do you have any [X] on Report fault page?

Also as I told you in your other topic, you might want to save your presentation as a video and then use video module in Xibo to display them.

Hi Peter,

In the fault page everything is ok, exept : Internationalization. Could it be the issue ?

I just test with updating and image file and it works fine…

It work also if I upload it as a new media file

The two check are checked.

For the moment procedure with user is to use Powerpoint and it’s easier for them to only modify few informations in the PowerPoint and replupoad it after.

If there are no other solutions than export as a video we’ll use it…

Well don’t get me wrong it should work with .ppt files too.
It’s rather odd that you can upload it as a new file without problems, and that you can update image but you can’t update this .ppt file.
How big is it?

Regarding saving it as a video. It’s very similar process, make changes to presentation save as a video and update video file in CMS, but we would like to understand and solve this problem you have with updating .ppt file too.

The powerpoint is : 13,8 Mo

I don’t understand too why it failed with PPT and not with image for exemple

Hm well as I said that is rather odd, I can tell you that there is no general problem with it but that might not make you happier :wink:

So, now that you uploaded your presentation as a new file, does it still behave in the same way when you’d try to update it?

Could you also try it(upload and then update), when you save this presentation as a video?

If that’s ok you can also send me this .ppt file (probably via pm) so I’ll check it in our test environment.

Dear Peter,

I just re-test today with the PowerPoint and it’s updated … i don’t know how it’s fix … but seems to be fix.

The user create a new PowerPoint and I suppose it was something link with the file itself.