Error Unable to set any region media nodes?

i have “BIG” issue :slight_smile:

A few days trying to solve the problems with the launch of new display / layout but without success.
Most common error id : ChangeToNextLayout|Layout Change to C:\Users\GojanNovi\Documents\Xibo Library\58.xlf failed. Exception raised was: Unable to set any region media nodes.

I tried a lot of things from previous responses:

  • enter the full path to the server library.
  • Verify all modules
  • More times reinstal/ install Xibo player
  • Adding and erase displays and layouts in CMS.
  • Try different computers : i have cleam install of win 7 pro and net framework 4.6.2
    Strange thing is that some layouts work and some do not on new display/newly installed player. I suppose that’s because some files in them. Files that the use is only .jpg, .mp4 and .wmv. But again, all of these files and layouts work on my old displays.
    Also when i delete Xibo library files on client and i switch layout on CMS sometimes player after restart works fine but only with some layouts (or media files)
    Also on some layouts only download one file and plays ,other dont plays becose they show in folder xibo library 0KB.
    Layouts and display settings are identical, but of course contain other files that may have a problem but they are all plays fine on my old players/displays.
    Perhaps this has to do with the CMS update that I made a few days ago?AM I could make a mistake with update?Updating everything went ok. CMS noramly working , server comunicate with clients etc.

Logs from new client I put on the links

Please advise
Thank you

Does the account on which you run Xibo client has admin privileges?
Is there only one player instance running?
I assume that’s 1.7.9 CMS and client?

You could do a test, create a demo CMS with Spring Signage hosting, connect your player to it and see if it will work.

If it will, then we’d know that there is an issue with your CMS Installation and not the client.

Hi Peter,thank for your help.
yes i have run client with admin privileges.
Only one player running.
Yes both is 1.7.9 ver.

I do a test with demo CMS, working ok.
Tried to download media files from my CMS to import end tested but when is finish files is “empty” 0KB?

please advise

Hm now i thinking :slight_smile:

When I worked update, I created a new folder :-(, not unzip in the old folder, only do procedure in CMS for update and than renamed new folder to old name to avoid changing path on all displays one by one?. Maybe there’s a problem and my mistake with wrong update procedure?

Hi Peter,
my mistake :slight_smile:

i check again full path and correct
home/mywebservername/public_html/xibo/xibo-cms-1.7.4/xibolib (WORKING)
on the web is
/mywebsitename/xibo/xibo-cms-1.7.4/xibolib/ (DO NOT WORK)

Also i copy old xibo library on server to new install folder.
Now all ok and working.

Thank you for your time and help
Have nice day

Ah I see, well that does make sense then :slight_smile:

I’m glad it sorted out now.