Error swapping to https

With xibo for docker 2.2.1 and latest xibo for windows player I found many errors in log, especially this one
2019-12-12 07:49
[RegisterAgentThread] RegisterAgent - Run
Error swapping to HTTPS. E = Impossibile effettuare la connessione al server remoto.

My system don’t replay on https port, does playert try to switch to https? is it possible to disable as i am using it in Lan? thank you

Thanks for the message snowbind1977. Could you confirm if the Force HTTPS option is set in your CMS? You can check this by going to the Settings option in your CMS, then the Network tab.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for the reply. At the monment “force https” is disabled. Do I need to enable it?

Please excuse the delayed reply. If you now go to the option named Display Settings in your CMS, click the button at the end of the Windows entry you are using with your Players and choose Edit from the menu. If you now check the Network tab you should see an option for Force HTTPS, is this option ticked?

If it is, please un-tick it and Save to confirm. now wait for your Player to collect the change and then restart it.

Many Thanks.

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