Error player when cms offline

using 1.8rc1

i created a layout and added a event to the scheduler which was set to play ”always". The player was playing fine for two hours an i shut down the server with the cms because i thought the player has all its needed in cache. I wanted to run this 24/7 for testing. Now, today when i came back to office the player stopped and reported an error “could not connect to remote server”, and "exception running server … http://localhost:9696/ because it conflicts with another registration (translated from german to english :wink:

If i switch on the cms server, and restarted the player everything runs fine again.

What could cause the problem?

Well those errors are correct - since CMS was offline.

That being said, player should display content from cache, unless you have some webpages/embedded content on your layout.

there was a test movie playing and a webpage for 20 seconds, in repeat.
But the player gets its content for the webpage from the www?