Error installing player calling out the xiboClient.config.xml file

Coming across this error as I had to reinstall the player on my laptop. Even if I write over exsisting or (“fix”) player it still comes up. The player doesnt start

There was an error in the XML document (0,0)… Path: C:\Users\xxx\XiboClient.config.xml

For some reason that file was empty - deleting it should have solved the issue.

Are you using the latest version? there was a problem with older versions that caused that file to be saved empty sometimes

i had downloaded the new player from the home page. Does the CMS need to be updated as well? so if I go to the path that is being called out & delete the XML it should work? Because I did try and reinstall & update but nothing I have to manually delete?

You’d have to manually delete as far as I know.

You wouldn’t have to update the CMS to take advantage of the fix, just the player.

that solved irt. much appreciated & works…