Error in log file


In the logging section of xibo I’m getting this error about 10 times a minute:

This is what’s causing my log files to become massive :smile:
Any help would be appreciated.


Here’s the file:


The most likely cause for this is that the theme you are using is incorrectly configured.
Could you please tell me what do you have in CMS Settings for the theme name?


I haven’t even touched themes, here’s my settings:

OK, thanks,
Could you tell me which CMS version are you using?


Thanks for your time

Hi Solane,

I can recommend two things, first is to upgrade CMS version to the newest 1.7.3. and see if that will help.

You can also compare your file with this:

And check if there are any differences.

Best Wishes,

Ok so I took out “_once” which was in front of “require” and that has stopped the error.

Thanks for that.

Another question, how would the clients react if I upgraded the CMS to 1.7.3 but they were still on 1.7.1?


Hi Sam,

I am glad that you found out what was wrong.

As for the Upgrade between minor versions, that shouldn’t cause any problems, but we do recommend use of the newest releases mostly for bug fixes/security issues etc. (Both CMS and players).

For example that little thing in code that you changed, was fixed in next minor version upgrades (after 1.7.1).



As I work in a school environment things get quieter over the holidays and we can work on bigger projects. Half term holiday starts next week so I will look at upgrading the CMS and the 12 displays around school, after my long weekend of course! :smile: :smile:

Thanks again,