Error-filled logs on Xibo 1.8.0-alpha

Hey guys,

As the Spring Signage guys know, I’ve been running the Xibo docker images, but when attaching an Android client I’m running into some issues. No content is being loaded on the device, but that’s probably due to the number of errors in the logs.

The logs look like this…

XML log: <log><trace date="2016-06-27 04:17:27" category="error"><method>LayoutStatusUpdateDispatch - Run</method><message>HTTP request failed, HTTP status: 500</message></trace><trace date="2016-06-27 04:18:27" category="error"><method>RequiredFiles</method><message>Unable to get a list of files</message></trace></log>

error,HTTP request failed, HTTP status: 500,Client,LayoutStatusUpdateDispatch - Run,2016-06-27 04:17:27,,,

PDO stats: {"connections":2,"selects":2,"inserts":0,"updates":1}.

{"availableSpace":"3642236928", "totalSpace":"4227530752"}

SQLSTATE[22003]: Numeric value out of range: 1264 Out of range value for column 'storageAvailableSpace' at row 1

I feel like there is a bug in here somewhere, but as a newer user it’s entirely possible that I have made an error as well.

Thoughts anybody?

Hey :slight_smile: - you are right, it is a bug which has been fixed in the upcoming beta release. I don’t think there was an individual report for it as it was fixed alongside a bunch of other stuff related to display communication.

Edit: Actually it doesn’t look like it has been fixed. I’ve created a :bug:.