Error during import layout

Hi to everyone!

I receive an “internal server error” during import a layout exported from a CMS 2.0.1 to another CMS 2.0.1

I changed many options like dataset and label, but ther error persist. The file zip is large 100MB and it contains pictures and mp4 files

Thanks for the support!

Hello I have the same error.

Ubuntu 18.04.2
CMS 2.0.1
Apache 2.4.29
MySQL 5.7.26
PHP 7.2

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘cms.version’ doesn’t exist Exception Type: PDOException

Everything else seems to be working correctly.
Except Report Fault gives this error on collect and save: Unexpected Error, please contact support.

I even exported the “Default Layout” and tried to import it immediately and got the same error. That file is 2KB.

Thank you for your messages. The issues reported in the above posts relate to 2 issues that the Development team are aware of. Both of these issues will be resolved with the release of 2.0.2. Below are links to the issue page for the Report Fault Error and a link to the commit for the Import layout issue:

Many Thanks.

Thank you. The new release 2.0.2 works fine! Great!

Great news! Glad to hear 2.0.2 has resolved the issue.

Many Thanks.